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hotel heated mirror Hotel heated mirror
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bathroom cabinet heated mirror Bath cabinet mirror
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Why Heated Mirror?
No More Mirror Fog Wiping
Delight your clients with elegant heated fogless mirror.
There is an everyday problem that after a relaxing shower when come out of the bathroom, the mirror is foggy and is practically opaque. So your clients have to wipe off the condensed steam from the mirror.

Now the NRG mirror heater brings the solution to the innovative braids, who are dedicating to offer a more pleasant bathroom mirror to their clients. Installing a mirror heating film to the bathroom mirror is the permanent way to prevent fog from the steamy mirror.
The mirror heating pad heated the mirror from backside, keeps the mirror constantly dry even the mirror in the steamiest bathroom full of fog. So the mirror backside silver coating layers are protected from the moisture of bathroom, no more rusting of silver coated layers on glass. The life time of mirror defogger covered area is 3 times of normal mirror. That's why the antique mirrors are getting more and more popular nowadays.

Better Safety Performance

Heated mirror is safer than non-heated mirrors to your clients.
Due the mirror heating pads are of self adhesive glue, the heating pad is glued on the mirror backside after installed well. As we all known that mirror isn't tempered, if damaged, the chance of hurt your clients is very high by the sharp chips. After installed mirror heating pads, most of the sharp chips will glue on mirror heating pad.

no more mirror chips splash once damage
Unique Design
nrg mirror heater offer unique designs, the shapes can be square, rectangular, round or oval, this suits for your mirrors personalized designs, which resulted into a crystal clear mirror in mirror demonstration. Meanwhile, nrg mirror heaters almost have no size limitations for all of your mirrors.
nrg mirror heaters are complied with international standards


we offer the warranty for 5 years from the date of purchased
we ensure that most of our orders can be ship within 1 week period from the date of confirmed

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nrg your free consultant on mirror defogging. our mirror heating pads made with 12 years experience in China, professionally for hotels fog free mirror and bathroom cabinet heated mirrors. The heated mirror will result into bathroom mirrors fog free in the steamy bathroom after shower.
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