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Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are a key part of any bathroom's style and elegance. Depending on the type of mirror that you want, you will find many great styles and looks to select from in modern Irish design showrooms. Bathroom mirrors do play a very important and creative role in your bathroom. Their job is to not only reflect the light within the room but also in doing so to create the ambience that you wish your bathroom to exude.

Various styles and sizes are available on the Asia market. Shapes and styles ranging from rectangle to ovals to squares are suitable depending on the dimensions of the bathroom. A vast choice in bathroom mirrors means that all range of budgets can be met from Asian suppliers. The biggest challenge is correctly decide the size of the bathroom mirror that you will need. Indeed, it is fair to say that average size Asian bathrooms can take two mirrors, one of which would be a vanity mirror and the other to create a feeling of space as well as decoration. Those who prefer sidelights in vanity mirrors are spoiled for choice such is the range on the Asian market. Most of these usually have a magnified area in them for shaving or a magnified swivel mirror that is ideal for shaving or putting on makeup.

If you do have a small sized bathroom, use a decent sized mirror over the vanity and then use mirror lights surrounding it to make it look larger. You can add ceiling lights if you have a larger bathroom. Frameless bathroom mirrors are very much in vogue at present and with inserted lighting look very cool and chic.

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