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Can we use nrg mirror anti fog system for other application, eg pet bed warmer?

No. The nrg mirror anti fog systems have been tested and listed by Laboratories for use as a bathroom mirror defogger only.  Any other application is not recommended.

Can nrg mirror defogger pads overheat and cause a mirror to crack?

No - unless the fog free mirror is thermally blocked. Providing nrg mirror defogging pad is fitted in accordance with instructions supplied, it is impossible. The fog free mirror will only crack with thermal shock or if it is stressed (e.g. if it has been over tightened, chipped, or otherwise physically damaged).

What adhesive should be used on the mirror for the defogging mirror fixing?

 The adhesive on the back of nrg mirror defogging systems are acrylic. This does not age or dry off for many years as does a rubber based adhesive which is applied with a solvent. If the heated mirror is to be bonded to the wall, the adhesive should be applied over the whole of the defogging pad and mirror to ensure the mirror is firmly held. An acrylic adhesive should be used, not a petrol based adhesive as this could affect the silvering.

Can we use regular cleaning supplies on the mirror?

Yes. Using normal glass and mirror cleaners on your fog free mirros are fine,  Do not use any substances which are combustible, toxic, wax or oil-based because these could emit harmful fumes or discolor your bathroom fogless mirror's surface when heated

Can nrg mirror defogging pads be fitted in a bathroom shower mirror?

Yes. A low volt model, 12V or 24V of mirror defogger pads can be supplied. Whether a low volt or line volt is fitted, it is essential that all wiring must be fully complying with local wiring regulations.

Do nrg mirror defogger should be applied to a kind of special mirror?

No.No special backing or treatment is required of the bathroom mirror. It can be fitted to safety backed mirrors. As glass is a good conductor of heat there is virtually no restriction to the thickness of the mirror. normally 5mm,6mm silver mirrors 

Can I wire a nrg defogger to a switch other than sharing the same switch with bathroom light?

Yes you can. In fact we encourage you to wire your fogless mirror to a device that you most typically turn on and off while a shower is running. Other switches could include your bath fan, a separate switch for a light in your shower, or even a separately installed timer switch. We are even developing a switch that will turn your fogless mirror on and off automatically when it senses condensation in the room!

Can we select the oval shape nrg mirror defogging pads for our square mirrors?

Yes, you can. Actually you can select the shapes by random, and create your own unique electric defogging mirror.

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