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Glue Fix Mirror Mounted on The Wall

Attention: The size of the heating pad must be chosen carefully in order to have enough area (not covered by the pad) to fix the mirror directly to the wall. Select a heating pad that will allow sufficient area on the back of the mirror for glue and adhesion.
Ensure wall is firm, flat, level and dry.
Glue and tape must be applied to the mirror back, not the heating element.
1, Check that mirror sits flat by holding mirror against the wall in the correct position.

2, Roughen surface of the wall with sandpaper for better adhesion,then clean and dry thoroughly.
3, Apply neutral silicon and/or adhesive tape to the surface of the wall. Ensure the silicon or tape only sticks to the mirror backing (not the heat pad)
4, Thread the power cable through an electrical tube or conduit to a junction box. Connect power cord of the heating pad. Fix the mirror onto the wall.

5, Connect power cord of the heating pad to the power ( 120 or 220V as required).

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