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General Notes
· The demister pad must be in contact with the mirror back for it to function correctly.
· The demister pad is self adhesive.
· We recommend the demister pad is wired into the light switch.
· Demister pad must not be pierced.
· We recommend two people install a heated mirror.
· An electrician is required to wire in the demister pad.
· A transformer or thermostat is not required.
· demister pad is double insulated eliminating the need for an earth cable.
· Allow 1mm gap all around for mirror expansion if fitting into a wall recess.

Adhere Demist Heat Pad to Back of Mirror
The NRG self-adhesive heating pad is to be placed on the back of standard 3 to 6mm thick mirrors.
If an air bubble appears between pad and the mirror it must not be pierced. These bubbles are a result of
handling and neither affect the operation nor is it detrimental in any way.

1, Lay the mirror face down on a protective cushioned surface, clean the mirror back surface, make sure it is dry, clean and free of dust, grease or any contaminates.
2, Pencil mark the position of the heat pad on back side of the mirror.
3, Turn the heat pad over.
Remove approximately 10cm of protection film and fold it back. Turn heat pad again, adjust it to the marked position, use a dry cloth and press the bonding foil on to the back of the mirror.
4, Slowly peel the protection film while pressing and rubbing the bonding foil onto the back of the mirror with the dry cloth. It is easiest to use two people, one peeling and one pressing.
5, Mark and transfer dimensions of the mirror and location of the power cord.
6, Recess a 50-60mm diameter hole in the wall surface in
the location of the power cord, so the mirror sits flat on the wall.
· Mounting hole & Dome fogless mirrors to the wall
· Hidden fixings fogless mirrors mounted to the wall
· Glue fix fogless mirror mounted on the wall

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